Atlantic Pro History

Our company was established in 2011, and the founders are boat and yacht enthusiasts as well as logistics professionals. Many companies are started by one or the other. However, we believed that the best strategy was to combine the two. With the valuable knowledge of logistics and shipping, we knew that our customers' vessels would arrive safely and in a timely manner. Add boating and yachting experts to the mix, and the result is an element of knowing what customers want and how to appeal to different individual tastes. Our valuable staff members have over 15 years of experience in their fields. Also, they are all very reputable and respected in the industry.

Although we started as a small operation in Florida, our company's business expanded. It was the combined knowledge of our professional staff and our commitment to excellence that fueled the steady growth. Our goal has always been to ship a boat as if it were our own. We treat each vessel as a rare treasure and ensure that it is handled with care every step of the way. This impeccable quality is what maintains our reputation and encourages our happy customers to recommend us to their friends or colleagues. 

We now have partners in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Lithuania
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Ukraine

These partners help coordinate documentation, unloading and other processes when we export boats from the USA to these countries. After several years in operation, we also decided to expand our business by selling boats on eBay since it is a site where honest and reputable businesses thrive. We maintain the highest feedback rating there for our great boat sales and quality shipping promise. From simple fishing vessels to extravagant yachts, we still sell a variety of boats on the popular online auction site and can help buyers in our partner countries buy boat from the USA.

Over the years, our expert staff members have developed efficient methods for setting up contracts and arranging for USA boat export services. We only work with quality carriers and ensure that all standards are upheld while loading and shipping the vessel. Since our inception in 2011, we have shipped thousands of boats within the United States and overseas. 

Our experts have learned all of the laws and rules regarding boat shipping within the United States as well as the regulations for exports. For several years, we have offered roll-on/roll-off and lift-on/lift-off methods for large vessels and flat-rack shipping for smaller boats. We have also been a top company for container shipping, which means that a smaller boat is shipped inside of a container. Over the years, our customers have given us high boat export ratings for using customized boat shipping frames. With our careful shipping, packing and custom building, the vessel typically arrives in perfect condition.

We invite you to contact us and let us help you ship your boat domestically or export it overseas to one of our partner countries. We can also help you with the buying process. Let us show you why our customers rate us so highly, and experience the difference of our quality Miami boat shipping company.

December 2014
Atlanticpro - Ship a Boat from USA
Atlanticpro - Ship a Boat from USA
December 2012
Atlanticpro - Ship a Boat from USA
July 2011. Foundation of the company