Why Container Shipping

Shipping your boat internationally can be a tricky proposition. You run the risk of hull scratches, gouges or even major damage that might seriously compromise your vessel's seaworthiness. You've invested a lot in your maritime assets, so shouldn't you protect them in route to their next home port. Our unique container shipping techniques make it possible to transport boats anywhere in the world safely and economically. 

What Makes Us Different

At Atlantic Pro., we use containers to move boats around the globe, and we set new cutting-edge standards in the process. We've even shattered industry preconceptions by proving it's possible to containerize boats that surpass the typical length limit. Because our methodology is so space efficient, we can fit multiple boats into the same container, helping our partners and customers save massive sums in shipping costs.

Getting Ready to Ship

Before placing a boat in its shipping container, we drain all fuel, water and oil from onboard tanks and, if necessary, bilges. We also remove Bimini tops, T-tops, batteries, windshields and other volatile or fragile components before stowing them with the utmost care. These preparatory steps may seem like nitpicking, but they play a big role in helping us reduce the risk of mishaps during the shipping process.

Creating a Truly Unique Shipping System

Next, our experienced technical staff fabricates a custom, durable metal frame for each boat we're shipping. The frame acts as a snug cradle that holds up to two boats at angles inside each container and prevents them from shifting. This technique also makes it possible to maintain a healthy amount of separation between a vessel and the interior surfaces of its container.

Packing, Moving and Discharging 

One of the biggest advantages of our frame-within-a-container approach is that loading and unloading become much simpler. Because the frames slide smoothly into and out of their containers boat and all, they ensure that logistics is much easier for owners who prefer to keep their property in the best possible condition.

We ship using standard 40'HC ocean containers that allow the boats we transport to be mixed in with other shipments on regular container ships. Because you don't need a crane-equipped transport vessel like you'd require for Lift-On, Lift-Off, it's much easier to secure cargo space without paying a premium price. Containerized shipping also beats out Roll-On, Roll-Off transportation because it's
far less likely to result in damage. Finally, customers who use our containers instead of Lo-Lo or Ro-Ro typically reduce their shipping costs by between 30 and 40 percent.

Could your boat be a prime candidate for Atlantic Pro containerized shipping? Our containers can accommodate anything with a length overall of up to 28ft (8.53m) and an 8.6ft (2.62m) beam. We're also not afraid to tackle other potential logistics nightmares, so let us know how we can help save you money and heartache before your boat takes its next solo trip around the world. Get in touch now with your questions or to request a quote.

Container Boat Shipping