If you live outside of the USA, you know how difficult it can be to purchase a boat from there through a dealer. It is even harder to find a reliable private seller. This is also true if you live in the USA. You may not know what you are going to get when it comes to quality. Fortunately, we eliminate these issues. We offer you more value for every dollar you spend and make sure you are getting a good vessel. We are a full-service purchasing company. Read more below to see how our service works. Since we know you probably have several questions, let us answer the most important ones here. If you have additional questions, we welcome you to contact us any time.  

Atlantic Pro  Purchasing Process 

Choosing the right boat is a big decision. When you cannot be there in person to see the boat, meet the seller and arrange for your boat to be shipped, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about making a purchase. We take the worry out of purchasing by doing all of this for you. This is how our process works.  

Step 1: Inspection And Testing 

After you find the boat you want, we inspect it for you. Our knowledgeable experts know exactly what to look for and how to spot any potential problems. Rest assured that we will always give you an honest and objective assessment of the boat's condition. If the boat appears to be in the condition you are seeking, we handle the sea trials for it. Our goal is to make sure your boat is

reliable in structure and function. When we perform an inspection, this is what we include:

  • Computer diagnostic tests to verify the engine's total hours.
  • Full inspection of the hull and all electronic components
  • Full compression test on the vessel.
  • A thorough examination of all documents related to purchases, maintenance and repairs.
  • A thorough search to ensure the boat does not have outstanding liens.
  • A video report with photos to verify that all of these points have been covered.

Although our company is based in Florida, we can perform inspections on boats located in other states. Our inspection costs vary depending on the location of the boat and the travel details required to see it. Fees start at $150 for inspections. Please contact us for a customized estimate. 

If the boat needs repairs, we also fix boats. We will inform you if any repairs or maintenance must be done on the boat you want. In most cases, we can have it fixed for you for an affordable cost.  

Step 2: Price Negotiation

We have purchased thousands of boats and know how to negotiate a good and fair price for the vessel you want to buy. Our experts know how to arrange the best deals with both private sellers and boat retailers. If you are an importer or exporter and are planning on buying several vessels, this is a great way to save money and make sure the boats you receive are ready to resell. When the right price has been negotiated, we handle the purchase for you after receiving payment from you. 

Step 3: Boat Shipping

When the deal is finalized, we ship the boat to you. We can ship boats to nearly any port in the world. These are the shipping options we offer. 

Container Shipping 

This is the most popular sea shipping option and can save you an impressive 30 to 40 percent on shipping costs in comparison with lift-on, lift-off and roll-on, roll-off methods. If boats are 28' by 8.6' or less, they will fit in our 40' HC containers. In preparation for shipping, the fluids and fuel are drained from the boat. Windshields, T-tops, batteries and bimini tops are all removed and stored. A custom frame is made for fixed and secure  stowage. These frames prevent damage and make unloading easier. 

Flat Rack ShippingWith this sea shipping method, your boat is either rolled onto an open flat rack or lifted onto it using a crane depending on the vessel's size. Flat rack shipping is better for larger boats up to 38' that cannot fit in an ocean container. If your large boat requires a special pallet for shipping, our experts can build one.  

Land Transport 

For shipping by trailer on land, we offer high-quality aluminum trailers. They boast the following


  • Torsion axles 
  • Aluminum mill-finish I-beams 
  • Optional disc Kodiak brakes 
  • Aluminum bow guide 
  • Extended cross members 
  • LED lights 
  • Aluminum fenders 
  • Wrap-around tongue 
  • Galvanized wheels 
  • Marine carpeted cypress bunks 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • 36-month warranty 
  • Aluminum bunk brackets 
  • Aluminum and PVC Aft guides 
  • Bow and Aft stainless tie-downs 
Contact Atlantic Pro Today For International Boat Buying And Shipping 
We take pride in helping customers buy quality boats and providing a more secure method of shipping boats worldwide.

Whether you are an individual hoping to buy a boat in the USA or are in the business of importing and exporting boats, we are here to help. Let us help you avoid losing money on fake ads and defective vessels that you cannot inspect yourself. Contact us today to learn more about our full-service boat purchasing process and affordable international boat shipping rates.