Domestic boat shipping & delivery

As the world becomes a more global marketplace, it becomes increasingly important to understand the best way to ship your products. Shipping a boat is not as easy as one might think. You must be aware of the differences between domestic and international shipping, the dangers of shipping a boat on your own and the ways in which a professional can save you a significant amount of money.

Domestic Shipping

Many people chose to purchase domestically. These boats are typically shipped on a trailer across the country over the road. It is important to know the shipping limitations of each state. Depending upon the size of your boat, you may need special permits to ship your boat through certain states and you may not be able to move your boat during certain times of the day or on holidays. You will also be required to have insurance and the proper documentation to ship your boat including a bill of lading. 

International Shipping

International buyers are also becoming more commonplace. The international shipping practices can vary greatly from domestic shipping. While domestic shipping practices remain the same to transport the boat to port, the way you ship the boat from the port to another country will differ. You can ship the boat in a container, you can ship it on a flat rack or you can have the boat lifted on and off the ocean vessel. Do not forget that you will require special documentation to ship internationally including a commercial invoice. 


Dangers of Personal Shipping

If you choose to ship the boat yourself, you could be creating a dangerous situation for yourself and others on the road. You might be putting yourself at unnecessary risk for legal ramifications. If your boat damages the property of others during transit, you would be responsible. Also, you may incur numerous traffic violations if you are shipping the boat unlawfully through various states or if the trailer incurs damage or malfunction in transit. It is recommended to hire a professional boat shipper for all boat transports to minimize risk and to save money.

Benefits of a Professional 

A professional boat shipper has detailed and expert knowledge of everything required to successfully and safely ship a boat both domestically and internationally. These professionals will be able to navigate a boat of any size through any state and to any country. You will not have to worry about shipping permits, roadside breakdowns or any other incidentals that could occur if you were transporting the shipment on your own. Also, they will have professional drivers who will be able to more easily, safely and efficiently move the boat across country. And, if you are shipping internationally, these professional shipping companies will be able to ensure your boat clears customs without demurrage and detention charges. 

Shipping a boat can be overwhelming and costly if you do not know what you are doing. The best way to ship a boat domestically and internationally is to hire a professional boat shipping company. These experts will make your life easier and ensure the end user is 100 percent satisfied without complications.