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Many people in Thailand order boats from the United States for fishing or recreation. Thailand is known for its fishing industry both inland and in the ocean. If you live in Thailand and want to buy a boat from the USA or have already purchased one but need to ship it, Atlantic Pro is here to help. We have partners who can help with customs clearance and other important tasks when your boat arrives in Thailand.

Thailand Boat Shipping Process

If you are a buyer, you must ensure that all required documents for the vessel are completed. We can help with this if you have questions. We ensure that windshields, tops and all other volatile parts are stowed safely, and we drain all fluids on the vessel. Also, we arrange to have your boat loaded, braced, shipped and unloaded properly to avoid damages. We work with our partners to ensure that all documentation is in order to help the vessel get through customs in Thailand for USA boat exports, and we can help you determine customs and duty fees as well.

Thailand Boat Import Laws

Import regulations are similar in Thailand to most other countries. The taxes are lower than they are in some countries, and boat imports are usually not viewed as an item of heightened concern. We make sure to avoid possible issues by storing glass or dangerous components and draining fluids and gasoline. Our partners in Thailand can help you with the following processes:

  • Buying and selling
  • Loading and unloading
  • Customs clearance
  • Documentation

The only issue you may encounter in Thailand is if you try to send a boat there temporarily. The visa process can be difficult, and some people find it easier and less expensive to import the boat. We can also help if you want to temporarily send a boat to Thailand.

Thailand Boat Shipping Options

If you are a buyer or seller who needs to arrange USA boat export to Thailand, we offer several options. For vessels that are under 28 feet in length, an ocean container is the safest and most economical way to ship. It can save you up to 40 percent versus other methods. There is also roll-on/roll-off, which involves using a trailer to roll your vessel onto the cargo ship. Lift-on/lift-off is a method that employs a crane to move the boat.

Flat-rack transport includes a rack that is used as a brace for carrying an open vessel. When any boat is shipped, we ensure that a custom frame is built to protect it from gashes in the hull or any other damages. We welcome you to read our eBay feedback to see how highly our customers rate their shipping experiences with us. If you need land transport only or a combination of land and sea transport, we can also help arrange that.

Why Choose Atlantic Pro?

Not all companies offer a customized frame. However, we know that this contributes to the safest possible export process. Our team consists of yacht and boat enthusiasts as well as logistics experts who bring more than 15 years of experience to you. We treat every customer like family and every vessel as if it were our own. With our knowledge and expertise, the shipping process is timely and smooth. Contact us to learn more about Thailand boat shipping rates.

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