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Boat Shipping to Morocco

With a number of well-established and well-run ports, Morocco is a wonderful country for people who love fishing and boating. As a leading foreign exchange earner in the fishing industry, Morocco has invested considerable money into its seafaring infrastructure, much to the delight of commercial fishing companies and leisure fishermen alike. Buying a boat in the U.S. and having it imported to Morocco doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare. Atlantic Pro can handle everything for you. With more than 15 years of industry experience, our team is the best around when it comes to boat shipping to Morocco.

Boating and Fishing in Morocco

This North African country has more than 1,200 miles of coastline along the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Its billion-dollar fishing industry ensures that its many ports stay busy all year long. The main port, Algeciras, is joined by numerous others, including the Port of Al Hoceima, the Port of Casablanca and the Port of Essaouira, which was founded in 1793. Regardless of where you would like your boat to be shipped--whether it's Tangier or Safi or another port city--Atlantic Pro has you covered.

Moroccan Import Laws

Thankfully, Morocco has everything set up to make boat importing as simple as can be. Still, it pays to have experts assist you with this endeavor, and Atlantic Pro is the name to trust. Our company will obtain the necessary customs declaration form for you. We then need you to send us the invoice. Please note that the vessel must be described in French. You may have to pay sales tax. The standard rate is 20 percent, but it could be less depending on the total sum of the cost, freight and insurance. VAT must also be paid, and it ranges from 0 to 20 percent. We will inform you of all of the fees when the time comes.

Boat Shipping Options for Morocco

If your vessel is no larger than 28 feet long and 8.6 feet wide, it should qualify for shipping via ocean container. This is, by far, the most convenient and affordable option. By opting for ocean container boat shipping with Atlantic Pro, you can save up to 40 percent. If your vessel is too large, there are other options for shipping it to Morocco, including by crane or by trailer roll-on. Atlantic Pro also offers flat-rack shipping, which involves building a custom frame for securing your boat.

Our Shipping Process

To ship your boat from the U.S. to Morocco as quickly as possible, make sure that you have all of the necessary documents completely filled out and ready to go. Atlantic Pro will take care of the rest. This includes securing the boat to ensure that it arrives in Morocco in good condition. To facilitate this, we remove and secure T-tops, windshields, bimini tops and batteries. We also drain all fuel and fluids for the safe transport of your vessel. At Atlantic Pro, we aren't satisfied unless your boat gets from point A to point B in perfect shape.

Why Choose Atlantic Pro?

Atlantic Pro was founded in 2011, but our team has a combined industry experience of more than 15 years. During the time since we opened for business, we have quickly earned a reputation for going the extra mile for our customers. We are a full-service purchasing company and can inspect boats remotely and negotiate prices on your behalf. We also sell boats on eBay, so if you are in the market for one, take a look. Our container shipping rates are so great that they can save you 30 to 40 percent when shipping a boat to Morocco, so you get a lot more for less.

Start Now

If you have purchased a boat in the U.S. and want it shipped to Morocco, or if you are looking to buy a boat in the States and have it shipped there, Atlantic Pro can help. Don't sell yourself short when shipping a boat to Morocco. Ensure that your vessel arrives in one piece while spending far less than you would with the competition by connecting with Atlantic Pro. We are ready when you are, so contact us today.