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Atlantic Pro of Miami can help you if you are trying to ship or export a boat to Australia from the USA. We have Australian partners who handle everything after the boat arrives in Australia. Our partners are carefully selected and help with the following tasks:

  • Documentation
  • Buying and selling
  • Customs clearance
  • Loading and unloading

Australia Boat Shipping Process

We work hard to ensure that your boat is properly prepared for shipping first. This includes draining all fluids, removing special tops, stowing the windshield and removing any other volatile parts. A frame is created for your boat to keep it upright during shipping. 

We work with our partners to make sure that all required paperwork is completed properly and accompanies the boat through customs. They are familiar with international standards and any special requirements in Australia to reduce the chances of your boat being delayed in customs. We keep you updated throughout the process.

Australia Boat Import Laws

Boat import laws in Australia are somewhat similar to international standards. However, the country has its own laws regarding all boat, vehicle and cargo imports. This is why it is important to work with us and our Australian partners who know these regulations. 

Australia also has some special restrictions on receiving boats and vehicles that have fuel in them. We circumvent this issue by ensuring that your vessel's fluids are drained prior to shipping. Our experts advise you of any duty fees, taxes or other costs ahead of time.

Australia Boat Shipping Options

The ideal shipping choice is a 40-foot HC ocean container. If your vessel is smaller than 28 feet in length, it will likely fit in the container. Some people save as much as 40 percent on shipping costs with an ocean container. Also, you have the advantage of your boat being covered with a hard shell. Another option is a flat rack, which simply involves placing the boat on a frame and then on an open flat rack for transport. You can still have your boat covered with plastic or another soft cover with this option.

For larger boats and yachts, most people use a trailer to roll the boat onto the ship in the USA and roll it off in Australia. You can also have it lifted onto the boat with a crane. While these are costlier choices, they are necessary for large boats. We can provide you with cost estimates in advance. If your shipping process involves a combination of land transport and cargo shipping on a boat, we can help arrange that.

Why Choose Atlantic Pro?

Atlantic Pro ensures that your boat is as safe as possible during shipping with a custom-built frame. This protects it from gouges or scratches on the hull. Not all boat exporters offer this benefit. Also, we work with qualified Australian professionals who you can count on for a timely and safe arrival of your boat in Australia. 

Atlantic Pro is a Miami boat export and shipping provider. We have over 15 years of experience, and our qualified team includes logistics professionals, yachting enthusiasts and boat experts. If you want to learn more about rates and shipping a boat to Australia, please call us to discuss your needs.