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If you are buying a boat from the USA and live in New Zealand or are a seller who needs to export a boat there from the USA, Atlantic Pro of Miami can help. We work with customs brokers, shipping agents and other logistics professionals in New Zealand. They can help you with the following and more:

  • Documentation
  • Buying and selling
  • Loading and unloading
  • Customs clearance

New Zealand Boat Shipping Process

Atlantic Pro can help guide you through the buying or selling process if you have not yet bought a boat. We are familiar with the required forms and documentation. For shipping, we first make sure that all fluids are drained from the boat before we export it. 

All Bimini tops or other special tops are removed and stowed. Also, we remove and stow the windshield and any volatile components that could be broken or may become hazardous during shipping. We work with our partners in New Zealand to make sure that all forms are ready for customs and are completed correctly. Your boat is then put in a customized shipping frame and is ready to be exported. Our partners help with customs and unloading the boat in New Zealand.

New Zealand Boat Import Laws

The laws for importing a boat into New Zealand are similar to those in other countries. Our experts can help you determine if there will be any issues. Most of New Zealand's importing laws concern environmental hazards, which Atlantic Pro eliminates by draining the boat's fluids and gasoline when applicable. 

We also ensure that all other hazardous parts are stowed. The boat is properly tied down and framed or containerized for shipping. Our partners who work with customs make sure that your boat is not delayed after it arrives in New Zealand.

New Zealand Boat Shipping Options

For a large boat or yacht, we recommend roll-on/roll-off or lift-on/lift-off shipping. Ro-ro involves rolling the boat onto the cargo ship using a trailer. Lo-lo shipping employs a crane to lift the vessel onto the cargo carrier. You can also use flat-rack shipping. With this option, the boat is placed on a flat open rack. We cover open vessels with plastic or a soft cover to keep them safe from rain, wind and debris during transit.

The most economical option is a 40-foot ocean container. Most vessels that measure under 28 feet in length can fit into a container. This may save you as much as 40 percent on shipping costs. Also, the container is a very secure housing unit for the vessel's protection. With all shipments, we use a custom frame to keep the boat steady. Not all competitors offer this advantage. However, we believe that a customized frame is the best way to prevent both small and major damages. If you need sea transport only, land transport only or a combination of land and sea transport to New Zealand, we can help arrange the logistics.

Why Choose Atlantic Pro?

We welcome you to read our eBay feedback to see how highly our customers rate their boat buying and shipping experiences with us. Atlantic Pro is a Miami boat export and shipping company with foreign partners. Our team consists of yachting and boating enthusiasts as well as logistics professionals. With over 15 years of experience, we offer our knowledge and expertise to ensure that your boat arrives quickly and safely in New Zealand. If you want to learn more about USA to New Zealand boat shipping costs, please contact us for a personalized estimate.