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If you are selling a boat that needs to be shipped to Lithuania or are buying one and need to arrange export from the USA, Atlantic Pro can help. We are a Miami-based USA boat export and shipping company with partners in Lithuania and several other countries. Our partners are agents, brokers and logistics professionals who can help you every step of the way from customs to unloading in Lithuania.

Lithuania Boat Shipping Process

We assure our high-quality services when you ship a boat to Lithuania from the USA. If you need help with the selling or buying process to ensure all forms are signed, we can help. We make sure that the boat is prepared for export by draining the fluids, storing volatile components such as windshields and tops and constructing a frame for the vessel. 

Next, we make sure that all forms are completed before sending the boat to Lithuania. It may be inspected before leaving the United States and may be inspected in Lithuanian customs. Our experienced partners know how to ensure that there are no problems or major delays after the boat arrives in Lithuania.

Lithuania Boat Import Laws

Lithuania adheres the European Union's laws for boat imports. However, the country does have strict regulations regarding rare materials. These include ivory, coral, tortoise shells and wood from the Amazon. If the boat is specially made with these components, they may have to be removed or it may not be eligible for export to Lithuania. Fortunately, these items are not used on most motorized boats and are rarely used for customized or handcrafted wooden boats. Our knowledgeable partners are familiar with international, EU and local laws. They can help with the following:

  • Buying and selling
  • Documentation
  • Customs clearance
  • Loading and unloading

Lithuania Boat Shipping Options

If you are exporting a large vessel from the USA to Lithuania on a cargo ship, the main options include a trailer to roll the boat onto the ship or a crane to lift it instead. You may also choose flat-rack shipping, which involves placing the boat on an open rack. We ensure that a custom frame is built for your vessel, which keeps it upright and free of gouges and scratches on the hull during transit.

There is also container shipping. This is a much cheaper option since smaller boats often fit into a 40-foot HC ocean container. If your vessel is 28 feet in length or smaller, it may qualify. When a boat is being shipped outside of a container, we make sure that it is covered to prevent moisture or debris damage.

Why Choose Atlantic Pro?

Our consistently excellent feedback from customers is a true testament of our quality standards. We treat your boat as if it were our own, and we treat all customers with respect and the highest of standards because we believe that everyone deserves it. Our company in Miami is made up of logistics experts, yachting enthusiasts and boat lovers who have more than 15 years of experience. Please contact us to learn more about rates for shipping a boat from the USA to Lithuania.