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If you are buying or selling a yacht from the USA and must ship it to Russia, we have USA boat export partners in Russia who can help you. Our partners are customs brokers, logistics experts and shipping agents. They can assist you with the following:

  • Buying and selling
  • Customs clearance
  • Documentation
  • Loading and unloading

Russia Boat Shipping Process

If you need help selling or buying a boat, Atlantic Pro can assist you. We know which documents must signed during the sale to accompany the vessel to Russia, and our partners will also help. We drain your boat's fluids and remove any dangerous components or special tops before shipping. 

Also, we ensure that your boat has a custom frame to protect it from tipping, hull gouges or other damages. Our professionals know how to prepare the boat and its papers to ensure that it gets through customs without any delays or problems. We work with our Russian partners to ensure all paperwork is correct and applicable duty fees are paid.

Russia Boat Import Laws

The laws for shipping boats to Russia are similar to the laws in most other countries. The United States has made several restrictions on Russian imports and exports because of political issues. However, these restrictions do not apply to most boats coming to Russia from the United States. The Russian customs officials restrict some antique items or explosive materials. 

The explosive restrictions do not apply to most boats, and we drain any dangerous fluids before shipping. Our professionals can advise you if there will be issues with a boat that you may want to buy. A qualified exporter must send the boat to Russia, and all forms for customs must accompany the vessel through Russian customs.

Russia Boat Shipping Options

We can arrange land transport, sea shipping or a combination of both. If you are shipping a boat that is 28 feet in length or smaller, it will usually fit into an ocean container. This saves you as much as 40 percent in comparison with the costs of other methods. Flat-rack shipping involves placing the boat on a rack and tethering it. 

For a large boat or yacht, we suggest rolling it onto a cargo ship with a trailer or lifting it on board with a crane. Both options are more expensive but necessary for large vessels. We can advise you in advance of the prices for this as well as the costs for transit, customs and other fees. Also, we make sure that any boat traveling outside of a container is properly covered to prevent damage from debris or moisture.

Why Choose Atlantic Pro?

We are a Miami boat export and shipping company with partners in Russia and several other countries. Our team of experts include logistics professionals as well as yachting and boating enthusiasts. We have over 15 years of experience shipping boats. 

You are welcome to read Atlantic Pro's feedback on eBay to see how highly our customers rate their experiences with us. Also, we take the extra step to ensure a custom frame for shipping instead of one that may not fit your vessel perfectly. If you are looking to export a boat from the USA to Russia, contact us to learn more about rates.