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Many people from Ukraine buy boats from the United States. If you are planning to buy a boat from the USA or are selling one and need boat shipping to Ukraine, Atlantic Pro can help arrange it. We have Ukrainian partners who are customs brokers, shipping agents and logistics experts. They can help with everything from customs forms to unloading the boat in Ukraine when it arrives.

Ukraine Boat Shipping Process

The process to ship a boat to Ukraine is similar to that of other countries. We ensure that the vessel is drained of all fluids. We remove any windshields, Bimini tops or other parts that could be damaged or become dangerous in transit. Also, a special frame is built for the boat to keep it safe while traveling. 

Our experts know which documents must accompany the vessel through Ukraine customs. It may or may not be inspected upon leaving the USA. When it arrives in Ukraine, it may be inspected by customs. We know how to ensure that a vessel passes through customs without any major delays or problems. 

Ukraine Boat Import Laws

Import laws in Ukraine are similar to international standards. However, the country has strict laws about bringing in any explosive materials. We are aware of this and drain gasoline when applicable. Also, we drain all other fluids and can determine if any other items on the boat would be problematic for customs. Our partners in Ukraine are familiar with these restrictions and can help as well.

There are customs and duty fees in Ukraine, and we can help you determine those amounts in advance. We ensure that all fees and papers are included to help get your boat to Ukraine whether you are shipping a vessel there for yourself or sold one and are sending it to a buyer in Ukraine.

Ukraine Boat Shipping Options

The right method depends on the boat's size and several other factors. We can arrange sea-only shipping from one major port to another, and we can also arrange a combination of sea shipping and land transport if the boat is located further inland. Boats are usually transported using a truck for land transport.

Flat-rack shipping means putting the boat on an open flat rack and strapping it down. If the boat is 28 feet in length or smaller, it may fit in a 40-foot HC ocean container. This option is safer and can save you a considerable amount of money. For larger vessels, we can ship them to Ukraine by rolling them onto the cargo vessel via a trailer or by lifting them with a crane. Both are costlier options. However, we include a custom frame to prevent damage to the hull or other components while the boat is in transit to Ukraine. Also, we make sure that boats traveling without a container are covered in plastic or with a soft protective cover.

Why Choose Atlantic Pro?

In addition to the custom frame built just for your vessel, we take other measures to ensure that your boat arrives in Ukraine in a timely manner and is not damaged. We welcome you to read our feedback on eBay for boat shipping. We have more than 15 years of experience, and our partners help with the following:

  • Buying and selling
  • Customs clearance
  • Loading and unloading
  • Documentation

Please contact us to learn more about boat shipping rates from the USA to Ukraine.